Page review statistics

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Wikipedia currently has 7,050 users with Reviewer rights (not including administrators).

Reviewers are established users that can spot-check revisions to pages.

The following data was last updated on 23 October 2018 at 00:00.

Edits that have been checked by established users are considered Using "pending changes" (% of all articles).

The average review delay for pages with edits currently pending review is 16 min 24 s; the delay measures how long the oldest pending edit has gone unreviewed.

Page review statistics for each namespace are shown below, excluding redirect pages. Pages are treated as Outdated if they have edits pending review; pages are considered Fully reviewed if there are no edits pending review.

NamespacePagesUsing "pending changes" (% of all articles)Fully reviewedFully reviewed as % of subset using pending changesOutdated
(Article) 5,738,814 3,410‎ (0.06%) 3,406‎ (0.06%) 99.88% 4
Wikipedia 1,000,305 18‎ (0.00%) 18‎ (0.00%) 100.00% 0

Below is a list of the 5 most active reviewers in the last hour.